a) We have modern Pattern Shop with 3D Scanning Facility

b) Approved Vendor base to manufacture Wooden, Aluminum patterns on CNC and VMC machines.

c) Auto Cast Simulation Software to get sound castings

300 Kg Sand Mixer

2 no

200 kg sand mixer

1 no

100 kg sand mixer

1 no

1.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 meter core baking oven

1 no

Variable size molding box from size 12” X 14” X 4” to 36”X 42”X14”


Vibrating CompactionTable

1 No

Continuous Sand Mixer with reclamation Plant. (20 M T)

1 No


Various Medium frequency furnace with

  • 2200 Kg Crucible – - 1 No.
  • 700 Kg crucible  - 01 No
  • 400 Kg Crucible  - 01 No.
  • 5000 Kg Crucible – - 01 no
Unit2 Fettling
Unit2 Fettling
  • Radiography Testing : Enclosures : 4 no for (IR 192, Co 60 & Xray)
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Testing.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Machine.
  •  Dye Penetrate Testing.

Heat Treatment of casting is done under supervision of Q.C. Dept. Personnel.

Quality plan is made for all available grades & followed strictly.

For various Heat Treatment Processes like Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering etc.we have 3 Nos. of Furnaces as follows:

  • FABROTHAL HEAT SYSTEM Make 64 kw electrically operated Heat Treatment

Furnace Size:- D5’3” X W 4’9” X H3’6”.

Operating Temperature maximum 1200 o

(On line provision for process control of Heat Treatment & Heat Treatment Graphs.)

  • FABROTHAL HEAT SYSTEM Make 90 kw electrically operated Heat TreatmentFurnace Size :- D5’6” X W6’3” X 4’

Operating Temperature maximum 1200oC.

(On line provision for process control of Heat Treatment & Heat Treatment Graphs.)

  • Gas fired Heat Treatment Furnace : Size – D6’ X W6’ X 4’

Operating Temperature maximum 1150oC.

(On line provision for process control of Heat Treatment & Heat Treatment Graphs.)


Our Laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary equipment’s required for controlling quality from raw material inspection to final product inspection.  The details of Quality Testing Equipment’s are as follows-

1) Sand Testing Equipment :

Sr. No.

Name of Equipment


Sieve Shaker


Mould Hardness Tester


Rapid Moisture Tester


Permeability Tester


Clay Washer


Sand Rammer

2. Chemical Testing :

Optical emission spectrometer model : Columbus make Quant ran.

20 Elements including Nitrogen.

Which can analyze Plain Carbon Steel, Low Ally Steel, Stainless Steel, Manganese Steel, Nickel Based Alloy, Duplex Steel, Raw MaterialScrap etc.

3. Boroscope :

We are using boroscope to ensure the double volute casing free from sand, slag, metal, veining etc. Make – RF System Lab Japan. 

4. Physical Testing :

Physical Testing is carried out for each heat and as per standard mentioned in qualityplan.

a) Universal Testing Machine (Capacity 400Kn) of Test Well Make with Electronic panel with 0 – 1mm resolution and Electronic extensometer for measuring 0.2% proof stress is used for physical testing viz. Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, Elongation, etc.

b) Brinell Hardness Tester of capacity 3 MT(Test well make Model TB-3000)

c) Impact Testing Machine (Test well make) with sub zero testing facility.

Following facility available with us in QA dept.

  • 1.   Chemical composition testing by Q4 Tasman spectrometer with Nitrogen detection having Fe, Ni & Cu channels .
  • 2.   UTM machine for tensile testing with extensiometer.
  • 3.   Impact testing for subzero testing up to Minus 196 deg cen.
  • 4.   NDT facility such as Radiography testing (Cobalt 60, IR 192 & Xray),Ultrasonic testing , Magnetic particle inspection and Die penetrant test.
  • 5.   Simulation software for methoding purpose.
  • 6.   Radioactive contamination detection facility.
  • 7.   Hydraulic passage inspection by Boroscope.
  • 8.   Microscopic & Corrosion tests.
  • 9.   Phase analysis and survey
  • 10. On time heat treatment monitoring & recording.
  • 11.  Quench media agitation & recovery.
  • 12. Online molten metal temperature recording.